Garage Sale Permits


The City of Apopka requires residents to obtain a Garage Sale Permit for garage sales conducted within the city limits.

The cost is $1 and the permit takes only a few minutes to process.

Subdivision/Community Garage Sales

For subdivision or community garage sales, it is requested that a representative of the homeowners association, subdivision, or community, provide a list of the name, address, and phone number of each participant.

The cost is $1 per residence, payable by one check to the City of Apopka or in cash. 


Regulations governing garage sales (Land Development Code) include:
  1. A permit is obtained from Building Division, prior to the sale.
  2. Sales are held no more than twice yearly.
  3. Sales are held no longer than three consecutive days.
  4. Sales are conducted on the owner's property. Multiple-family sales are permitted if they are held on the property owned by one of the participants.
  5. No goods purchased for resale may be offered for sale.
  6. All directional or advertising signs must comply in accordance with the City's Sign Code:
    • One garage sale sign to be placed in the yard at residence where sale is to be held and one directional sign (located elsewhere) which shall be removed within 24 hours following the end of the sale. A sign permit is not required.