New Service

To start new service, please visit the City Hall Annex Utility Billing Office or complete the application online, then pay a utility deposit. 

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Application Process & Applicable Deposit

  • For each account, we require the new customer to fill out a customer application and place the applicable deposit on the account. 

Utility Billing Location & Hours

  • Our office is located in the City Hall Annex, located at 150 East Fifth Street (Across the street from Apopka City Hall).
  • We accept applications between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.
  • Same day service is only available at the Utility Billing Office. Same day service ends at 3 PM. 

Deposit Range & Fees


Residential ServiceDepositConnection Fee
Water Only$50.00$35.00
Water & Sewer$140.00$35.00
Water, Sewer, & Reuse$190.00$35.00
Water, Sewer, & Garbage$170.00$35.00
Water, Sewer, Reuse, & Garbage$220.00$35.00
Water & Garbage$80.00$35.00


  • Commercial Deposits are non-refundable until closure of account and issuance of final billing.
  • The $35 connection fee will be billed on the first month's bill.
  • Please Note: Minimum deposit than after 12 months true-up to 3-month average.
Commercial ServiceDepositConnection Fee
Water Only$100.00$35.00
Water & Sewer$280.00$35.00
Water, Sewer, & Reuse$380.00$35.00
Water, Sewer, & Garbage$332.00$35.00
Water, Sewer, Reuse, & Garbage$432.00$35.00
Water & Garbage$152.00$35.00

Services Provided

The City of Apopka provides water, sewer, and garbage services. (Services may vary by property location.)