Reservoir & Pump Station

 In 2008, the City constructed a 120 million gallon reservoir and pump station at the Northwest Recreation Complex. The reservoir provides 83 million gallons of storage for reclaimed water purposes and an additional 37 million gallons of capacity for recharge of the groundwater supply. The reservoir is unique, in that it is a one of a kind source of reclaimed water for the North Reuse Pump Station.

All stormwater collected from the paved impervious areas of the Recreation Complex is collected and stored in the reservoir and reused as reclaimed water for irrigation. The reservoir is equipped with a built-in filtration system to remove particulate matter and turbidity from the collected water. The City can also store surplus reclaimed water from the water reclamation facility during wet weather periods when demand is low for irrigation.


In 2010, the City installed three fountains in the reservoir to serve to improve the appearances for the community to enjoy and provide a source of aeration for the maintenance of the pond.

Additionally, the City has stocked the pond with grass carp to maintain vegetation levels in the reservoir. The grass carp are intended to serve as a green method of maintenance and reduce the City's dependence on the use of chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.

Benefits for the Future

Although it is too early to declare this reservoir an unqualified success, the operation of the reservoir to date indicates that the system could reduce polluted runoff and reduce the need for groundwater as a source of augmentation of the reclaimed water supply.

The concept and successful operation of this reservoir has been looked at by other utilities in the Central Florida area, as well as the St. Johns Water Management District, as a potential source for reclaimed water. This is another example of how the City of Apopka's proactive approaches to the growth and expansion of its utility systems can benefit others and lead to a green tomorrow.